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Martha, New York - Living and working between two states has been a hassle but thanks to World Kite I am managing to avoid overstaying and keep evidence of my stay with the app’s automatic location tracking which can be converted into Excel any time I need it. Global Reach
Lucas, London - As a former tax resident of Germany living abroad, I had to declare my days spent outside of Germany for the previous tax years and World Kite has been a great help in making sure all my trips are easy to export without going through my emails and calendar. This app is an absolute life saver! Global Reach
Erika, Portugal - As a digital nomad I get to live and work anywhere in the world. Travelling and seeing different cultures is part of my life, which is why I am grateful for having found World Kite. I never know where I will end up next month and the app tracks all my travels for me giving me an easy annual summary to make sure I don’t overstay and maximise my time while living abroad. Global Reach
Kate, Guernsey - I live and work between Guernsey and UK which affects my taxes and in order to stay up-to-date and optimise my situation I use the World Kite app to track not only my nights present but also my work days and I can easily split my tax year without a hassle on the app’s dashboard. Global Reach

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